Rio de Janeiro as a destination

About the city

Rio de Janeiro , the capital of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil is located in the Tropics. During summer, from December to March, temperatures range from 23 C (72 F) to 35 (95 F). From July to September, the winter temperatures stay close to 20 C (68 F).

Few cities stir the imagination or can be claimed as dream destinations to the extent of Rio. Tucked between miles of beautiful sandy beaches and dramatic jungle covered mountains, Rio is in the heart of the most beautiful natural setting in the world.  As if that wasn't enough, its tropical climate varies little, making Rio an ideal destination on a year round basis and truly fulfills its title of 'A Cidade Maravilhosa'- The Marvelous City!

As a destination Rio has all you would expect and more.  A booming city of 8 million inhabitants with a resort like atmosphere, Rio is visited annually by thousands of sun-n-fun seeking tourists.  It has world famous attractions, such as the statue of Christ the redeemer overlooking the city and Sugar Loaf with its cable car ride to the top of this granite peak guarding the entrance to Guanabara Bay. 

Rio is a city that is highly promo table - exciting, affordable, photogenic and romantic.  A city of blended cultures, colorful sidewalk cafes, tree-lined avenues and high energy

Rio is exotic like nowhere else in the world, for only Rio is Rio!

Information extracted from the Rio Convention & Visitors Bureau