Program & Presentations

Main theme

The main theme of the CRICS8 – Scientific information and knowledge for innovation in health, will approach the critical function the information and the scientific knowledge play in the processes of generation, adoption, and adaptation of innovations in the social and economic development, particularly in health systems and services.

The information and knowledge sources and flows that are produced and operated by means of products, services, and events of information and communication comprise the fabric that unites, sustains and systematically innovates the relationships, policies, programs and practices of the instances of promotion, research, technology, industry and the health systems and services in favor of the social inclusion and of the equity.

The thematic tracks of CRICS 8 will address the state-of-the-art and the challenges that face the developing countries based on the management of information and scientific knowledge in favor of the innovation in health, as:

- Policies and programs for information and scientific communication;
- Knowledge dissemination, social inclusion and democracy;
- Information, communication and scientific evidence for competence development;
- State-of-the-art of Scientific Communication;
- Information, knowledge and health institutions management;
- Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and convergences;
- Health scientific knowledge for social development.